Easter 2010

This morning we were up and moving by 8 am. I know that’s not all that early, but I try not to get out of bed before 8:30, so it felt early to me. We started by going downstairs and letting the kids look at the Easter buckets the Easter bunny had filled for them last night. Each kiddo got a hooded bath towel, a new bouncy ball, a movie, a couple of stuffed bunnies, and some eggs that held peanut butter m&ms. After they had looked at their buckets, we all made breakfast together. I cut biscuits in quarters, then one of the kids would put the pieces of dough in a bag with sugar and cinnamon and shake it. The other child would then take it out and lay it in a pie pan. We then added a brown sugar/butter sauce to the top and put our Monkey Bread in the oven. While it baked, Kennison and Colton went on their egg hunt. By the time we had emptied all the eggs, breakfast was ready. Once we had finished eating, we got dressed and headed to church. When we got there, I told Kenny I wanted to take their picture before they got dirty. This was the result:

Don't they look thrilled?

So, we headed into church. The kids were very well-behaved, and we enjoyed the Easter production that was put on in leiu of a sermon. I was asked to sing a solo, so I had to sit away from my family, but I only heard Colton twice, and I never heard a peep out of Kennison. After the service, we went to Kenny’s parents’ house for the family Easter celebration. We ate lots of yummy food, and even took a family picture.

Our family photo. Not half bad!

Then it was time for an Easter egg hunt for EVERYONE! The littles got to go first, and each was given a limit of finding 10 eggs.

Kennison is on a mission. Grandma actually hid the eggs at her house, so Kennison had to look for them rather than just pick them up off the ground.

Found one!

Colton needed more help finding the eggs. We could basically put him right in front of one and he still might not see it.

Can you see the green egg in the flowers? It took us about 2 minutes to get him to find it, and he was standing right there the whole time.

Kennison and Kiki are off to find eggs.

 The kids were so tired by the end of the day. They totally missed their naps, and all children aged 4 and under were getting quite fussy.

At the end of the afternoon, our kiddos were pooped. Colton climbed up on the couch to lay with Grandpa, and Kennison decided to join him.

All in all, it was a great day and we enjoyed spending time with Kenny’s family. And our kids ate way too much candy. I might have, too. But we’re not going to talk about that. Happy Easter!

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