about 6 weeks left

Today, we had (what I hope will be) our last perinatologist visit. They told us they believe Cerise is 5 lbs 7 oz and is measuring almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule! I’m hoping they might have my due date wrong, as they had it wrong in the computer on our last visit. Maybe they just didn’t fix it. Otherwise, she has gone from measuring 2 weeks big to 3 weeks big in just 4 weeks time. Everything I’ve read about growth this week (we are 32 weeks along) says the baby will double in size before birth. I do NOT want to have an 11lb baby! I know Aunt Geraldine did it, but I am not interesting in being as strong as Geraldine! With Colton, I didn’t buy any newborn clothes because I was sure he’d be so big we wouldn’t need them. I had to go out and buy NB sizes after he was born so he’d have something to wear. With Cerise, I went ahead and got some outfits… and I’m thinking she’ll never get to wear them! We have the cutest NB outfit with cherries on it that is supposed to be her coming home outfit, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to shove her chubby little arms into those sleeves. A friend of mine said she thinks she remembers her doctor saying babies gain about 1/2 a lb per week, and if that’s the case, she’ll be close to 9 lbs when she’s born. I can handle that – Colton was 8lbs 15 oz – but I just don’t want to have an 11 pounder!

On Monday, my OB made it sound like my c-section will happen on May 13th regardless of how she grows. The only thing that would change the date of my c-section would be a health concern for me or Cerise. Now, I am diabetic, with high blood pressure, and there were some numbers that came back early on in some of my lab work that indicate they need to keep an eye on the placenta… so I guess there is always the chance they might have to take her early. However, as much as I would love to meet my baby girl before Mother’s Day, I would rather wait to meet her on May 13th than meet her earlier due to medical complications!

This weekend we visited Home Depot and purchased the materials to build Kennison’s new loft bed, and we also got the paint for Cerise’s nursery. Kenny is almost done with the bed, and as soon as it’s done, we will move it upstairs and get Colton moved in with her. I am so anxious to start putting Cerise’s room together. She is due to arrive 6 weeks from this Thursday, and I feel like I’m a little more uncomfortable (and certainly a little more tired) each day. I want to get her room done in the very near future so there is just one less thing to worry about! I’m afraid if we wait much longer, I won’t be capable of getting in there and organizing. There will also be a lot of rearranging as we get Colton moved in with Kennison, so I just want to get it done before I’m completely exhausted.

The stress of spending 2 mornings a week (minimum) at a doctor’s office and trying to arrange child care for my kids while I visit doctor after doctor is truly starting to take its toll. I feel like my friends and my family are having to help out a lot, and I feel completely unable to repay anyone right now. I work a 20 hour week (from home) as is, and we are really busy at work, so they’ve been assigning extra hours, which are not optional. While the extra money is nice, it just brings more responsibility – and also the need to find additional help with kid care since it’s actually nice outside and Kenny is able to get more done at work during the day. Thank you to all of you who are helping out already… I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate you! Kenny has also been a great help, and I am blessed to have him as my partner!

Speaking of my husband… have any of you seen him lately? He is so skinny. I’ll have to snap a photo soon. He is participating in “The Biggest Loser” contest at work, and so far has lost 34 lbs! He is in the lead with only 3 weeks left, and he is determined to win! Many days, he gets up and exercises on the Wii fit before going to work, and then he runs outside (while pushing the kids in the jogging stroller) rides his bike (while pulling the kids in the bike trailer) or works out on the Wii fit again in the evening! We go out to eat, and he orders a salad, and he’s cut pop out of his diet. He eats less at each meal, and says he feels like it’s really paying off. He looks good, and it’s making him healthier. I would love to spend many many many more years with him, so it’s wonderful to see – and I’m just so proud of him! While I think his timing is a little inconvenient (he’s getting smaller while I’m getting bigger) I am truly impressed with his dedication and commitment. Way to go, sweetheart! We all love you!

I will try and post the latest sonogram pictures soon. Guess what? More feet! We have seriously gotten feet pictures at every appointment. We also got another side shot of her today, and let me tell you… those cheeks ain’t gettin’ any less chubby!


1 Response to “about 6 weeks left”

  1. 1 Angela
    April 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    GO Kenny! That’s awesome. Good for him. Post a photo – maybe he can be the motivation I need to get back in shape 🙂

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