Things Your Kids Say

So, I took all three children (that’s Kennison, Jack, and Colton, in case you’re confused) to the library for story time on Wednesday. Tori wasn’t feeling well, so it was all me. It actually went pretty well, even though I thought I had lost Jack for a minute or two. He was hiding under a table. I tell you what, that kid is fast! Kennison was content to glue her cat into weird pieces, and Colton doesn’t do much walking in public (yet) so they were contained. Jack, however, is an escape artist, and a room with curtains for walls just can’t contain him.

Anyway, it went pretty well. While I was there, a woman that I know through Tori’s breastfeeding group told me a story about Kennison. This woman knows my kiddos because Tori has taken them to group with her before, and sometimes they go to playdates with Tori. A couple of weeks ago, Kennison was at a playdate with Tori and this mom was nursing her daughter. Apparently Kennison walked up to her and said, “Can I see your other one?”

Yep. That’s my girl.


And when I pulled into Tori’s driveway after the library, I saw this:

Sleeping in the car after storytime at the library.

Sleeping in the car after storytime at the library.

20 minutes between the library and Tori’s house. Seriously? Seriously.


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