Our weekend in Des Moines

We spent this past weekend in Des Moines, and of course I forgot our camera! Tori, however, took pictures for us, and she managed to capture a very funny video of Kennison changing Jack’s diaper. Check out her blog here to see these photos and videos for yourself.

On a side note – we were at Christ the King (Tori’s old school and my new school) today so Tori could finish packing up her room. I was changing out my insulin cartridge in my insulin pump (which still takes a little bit because I haven’t had my pump long) and Kennison walked over to Colton, who was in his carrier. I wasn’t paying that much attention – big mistake. I looked up and saw she was unsnapping his one piece outfit. No big deal, back to my insulin. Looked up again, and she had his diaper unfastened and was using a wipe on him! I said, “No, Kennison! Stop it!” and got up to head over there. I sat down in front of Colton (still in his carrier of course) and decided I should go ahead and change his diaper since Kennison had started it. Just then, Colton decided to pee. On my new expensive diaper bag, his outfit, the car seat, my leg… everywhere. I was so ticked! His spare outfit was not in the diaper bag (I blame Kennison for this, too!) so he had to ride home completely nekked. (Yes, I know how to spell that word, but since he looked like a complete redneck, the spelling seemed appropriate.) Wish I had a picture…


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