Mark's graduation

So, the weekend after Mother’s Day (which I realize was a couple of weekends ago) we went to Doolittle, MO to attend a graduation party for Kenny’s brother, Mark. He just got his masters degree in mechanical engineering and has a job with John Deere that he starts next week! He and his wife Jeanetta and their son Braden will be moving to Waterloo, IA this summer. We decided that since we’d never seen their home in Doolittle (we saw the house they lived in before, but that was hit by a tornado) we should make the trip down since they’d soon be moving. Well, it takes about 3 hours to get there from Independence, and with a toddler and an infant, it’s bound to get interesting. We had to make a pit stop to feed Colton, so the first two pictures are from that break. There’s also a video of Kennison’s first driving lesson.

Time to eat!

Then at the party, Kennison had all sorts of fun playing with Jeanetta’s nieces. They were very sweet girls who, when we go there, ran over and said, “We heard there were babies in here!” They were great to help the way they did and kept our children quite entertained. I see babysitters in our future!

Braden and Kennison with Whitney, the oldest of Jeanetta’s nieces. Amanda, another cousin, was really cute, too – she heard me call Colton Coco (that’s how Kennison pronounces his name) and she said, “His name is Coco?” (I think she thought that was a pretty poor name choice.) I told her his name is Colton, but we call him Coco sometimes. She said, “I guess I have 4 boy cousins!” I thought it was pretty cute, even though she and Colton are not technically related.

The whole day took a lot out of Colton. You know, all that eating and looking around, and being carried by beautiful young ladies…



1 Response to “Mark's graduation”

  1. 1 Angela
    June 2, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    Miss Kennison, what happened to that hair cut you were supposed to get? I think you’d look especially cute with a bob and side-swept bangs.

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