kennison-and-colton-065.jpgBeing the parents of an infant has really started to take its toll, especially with the loss of an hour in the time change. Sometime in the course of Saturday night/Sunday morning, I heard Colton crying and knew I needed to get up and feed him. However, Kenny was laying on me and I needed him to get up.

“Kenny. Kenny. KENNY! You need to get off of me so I can go get Colton. Kenny! Wake up!”

“What? I’m not on top of you. I’m over here.”

Yeah…. it was Kennison. I don’t remember how she ended up in bed with us, but needless to say, her head was pinning my shoulder down.


Then, Sunday night/Monday morning, I heard Colton crying over the monitor and asked Kenny to get up and feed him. His response was, “No, he’s right here, I’m holding him.” (looking into his arms) “Where did he go?” (looking over the edge of the bed) “Oh, I must have been dreaming.” The thing is, even though I could hear Colton in his room, I started to panic slightly thinking my husband had dropped our precious son on the floor. The things you’ll believe when you’re sleep deprived! kennison-and-colton-043.jpg

I told Kenny that I think instead of losing an hour, everyone should be allowed to keep an hour and save it to use when they really need it. I also told him that if we ever do have another child, we need the child to be born before we gain an hour so we’ll have MORE time to sleep instead of less. I wonder if we can work that out.


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